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Wool Over The Eyes

Thinking deeply and critically about commodification, neoliberalism and consumerism in our present society, bottled water really is only touching the surface. When you think about it, what isn't commodified? The air we breathe? Our thoughts? Our dreams?

Well, as of recent times, air is being sold online. Canisters of it. "Fresh," "clean," "purified." Hmm, that sounds strangely like the branding for bottled water. Yet it just seems entirely absurd when you apply these adjectives to bottled air. But it's happening. Air purifiers and conditioning also exist, so in a sense, that's the commodification of air as well! Dreams and thoughts? I guess it's not possible to implant dreams into your own head, but it's certainly possible to manipulate. This is exactly how branding and advertising have managed to be so successful within the last few decades. Using "nudge theory" and "brand loyalty", brands and companies can sway a consumers thought process and persuade them to buy their product. So perhaps Edward Bernays is to blame for all of this, as far back as the 1920s? In a sense ... everything is commodified, we're just too used to it to realise.

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