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British Air: The First Draft

After much research, including 4 different possible directions for the project to explore (poop, oxygen, dreams and health), oxygen ended up being my chosen route to take the project. Before realising it would take 3 renditions to eventually reach a final outcome for the project, came the first designs.

Almost like I'd learnt nothing over the last year, and excited to get to it, I jumped straight into a logo design. I used direct inspiration from the already existing service provider British Gas, and in hindsight this was never going to work as a final outcome.

I created a Lanyard ID design to print and use for photograph ideas related to the brand.

I then created the first instance of the British Air website, which I also took direct inspiration from the British Gas website for (sigh...) All of the assets for the website were created in Adobe Illustrator, whilst the website concept itself was created in Adobe XD.

After deliberating if this idea was suitable or not, I eventually realised this wasn't ideal as an outcome at all as the idea was essentially just a copy of pre-existing elements, and not much was original content for a true brand identity. As such, it was back to the drawing board.

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