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British Air: The Second Draft

After taking it back to the drawing board, I wanted to create a brand identity that was unique and relatable to the ethics and values of the brand rather than a direct copy or an extension of something that already exists.

Many designs were trialed in this second instance with a typeface being chosen after deliberating which would look best with some of the class. The chosen typeface was "Bellerose Light:1.0", whilst I altered the typeface "Righteous" in order to create the slogan as well as for the icon logo.

For the motifs on the main logo, I wanted to draw inspiration from "oxygen", and so utilised two separate ideas that represented oxygen in recognisable forms - a cloud, and the molecular structure of oxygen. I then connected “British Air” with an underline in the form of a pipeline, relating British Air's mass distribution of oxygen in households through underground pipelines.

Finally, I then applied these designs to a website concept. I wanted to emphasise the "wind" motif, which is also present in the icon logo, as the recognisable feature of the brand.

However, once again I had to take a step back and look at what I had done. Whilst it was becoming more of its own brand, it was lacking personality. Right now it looked like a start-up company, which wasn't the plan.

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