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The Third and Final Chapter

Here it is, the final term. What a wild ride it's been, for all of us. And I guess we're not ending it on the highest of notes, due to COVID, but at least we're getting a chance at all!

For my final project, I thought for a few days about what I wanted the topic to even be about. After slinging ideas with a mate, as I took a sip of water from a Buxton bottle, he says to me:

"Water bottles ... what's that about?"

After a few seconds of thinking about it, I thought ... yeah, actually, what is up with bottled water? Why do we, as a collective society, find it acceptable or morally correct to go to the shop and buy a bottle of water, as opposed to our taps in our houses? It's cheaper, readily available, and seems like the more logical option? This has lead me down a rabbit hole regarding commodification, specifically the reasonings and history behind mass-commodification in our modern society.

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