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Experimental / portrait

An exhibit of experimental design, portrait work and poster work.

Have a scroll - there's a lot!

DmNd Bubblefluid Experiment
Fives Falmouth Halloween Poster 2021
Honne Poster
Metallic DmNd Experiment
DTales Teaser Image
Vaporwave Straw Hat Luffy
Bn Designer Poster - Scanner Experiment
Design Challenge Day 14 - Countdown Timer
Photoshop Experiments - Shiinotic - Pokémon
Kkeda - No Guarantee EP
Minimalist Vector Design Experiment - Cardiff
Silk Sonic Poster
Ocean Science Poster 2021
Fanta Orange Poster
Fanta Exotic Poster
Fanta Berry Poster
Ocean Science 2021 - Squid
The Window Poster


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