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natter with niall

Natter with Niall






Lockdown has been a tough time for all of us. After finishing my MA degree, and going straight into lockdown 2.0 immediately after, my brain was becoming stagnant from not being used to its fullest potential. However, the long periods of time that we all had to ourselves did present an opportunity to me, in the form of a podcast. 

Throughout my MA, I became more interested and aware about the intricacies relating to what makes us human, topics such as relatability, connection, love and loss are things I wanted to explore as to showcase how we all aren't as different to each other as we may think.


Natter with Niall aired its first episode on January 15th 2021, and each episode features friends and acquaintances having a natter with me about life - the past, memories held dear, lessons learnt, and more - all to explore how relatable our lives actually are to each other. 

This podcast has brung about a glimmer of happiness in a hard time - deeper connections with close friends, new connections made, and a chance to have intimate conversations over a drink! 

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