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The Creative Energy Drink

This project was my submission to the BrandOpus Chrysalis Awards 2020.

The brief: 

Create a drinks brand that has a functional benefit beyond the primary purpose of refreshment.


3D Rendering

Product Analysis

Consumer Research

My answer to this brief was an energy drink, with its primary purpose being to help overcome creative block. This would be achieved via developing Muju as a colourful and playful brand, utilising unique bottle design to add to the creativity aspect, and most importantly, introducing an app/website that actively attempts to tackle creative block at its core, that differs from person to person. This was my first attempt at 3D rendering, and was achieved used Adobe XD.

Muju - The Creative Energy Drink
Muju - App Integration
Muju - App Integration

Of course visuals alone aren't a certified way to eliminate creative block. To pair with the product would be the creation of an app: 

"Find Your Muju."

By scrolling through the relevant sub-sections relating to your specific instance of creative block, algorithms are made so that when you reach the end, links are distributed to you that could help you resolve your block, such as YouTube links, TedTalks, inspirational artwork or even a music playlist!

Muju - Product Placement
Muju - Monthly Newsletter Example

With an established brand identity set up, various other products could be produced in tandem with the Muju drink bottles that relate directly to the product's values of overcoming creative block, such as notebooks, stationary, and even a subscription service to receive newsletters, posters and discounts for Muju products.


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