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The Struggle Within Ourselves

As an aspiring creative who had struggled after graduating University, feelings of mediocrity and averageness followed me constantly like a bad smell, especially when I started comparing myself to my peers regularly. It is only when I stopped thinking of my mediocrity as a hinderance, and instead embraced it and accepted it, that I could begin to excel and find the passion in creativity.


Editorial Design



Using a scanner to "photograph" common household items such as kitchen sponges and toothbrushes, whilst utilising professional editorial practices within InDesign and writing copy describing how our lives would be so different if such mediocrities were never invented, this book was created as a celebration of all things average, in a not-so-average way.

Fantastic Average Book
In a world of 100s, I'm a 50.
Fantastic Average Book - Halfway
Fantastic Average Book - Page 19
Fantastic Average Book - Page 7

Each page contains two detailed descriptions on the item that is showcased, with one page describing details such as when it was created, what materials it is made from, where to find it in a typical household, and what it is generally used for; and the other containing a paragraph about how incredible these items actually are, and how are lives would be affected if they were to suddenly not exist anymore.

The point of this project is not to simply say "I am mediocre and I am okay with that", it is to say that whilst sometimes you may believe that your value is nothing more than mediocre at best, everyone has truly unique potential when given the chance to prove it.


A sponge isn't ideal for cleaning your teeth, but it is the best at cleaning dishes and surfaces.

To empower each other is something that is essential in an industry that grows more competitive by the day. As creatives, we need not be so harsh and daunting, but lift up each others spirits and continue to build a better world upon each other's immense creativity.


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