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British air
the commodification of oxygen



Speculative Design


Web Design

For my Masters final major project I researched the rampant commodification of everything within our society, questioning what isn't already commodified. I used the main theme of water as a basis of my research, namely how completely absurd it is that we live in a reality where we must pay to consume the substance that allows us to live! Not only this, but many companies have the audacity to sell water under different prices and brand names. 
After extensive research, I decided that my project would be based around the speculative topic of how our world would look if oxygen was commodified in the same way water is, namely through developing a brand known as British Air.

British Air - Logo

I created the logo for British Air with the intention to make it simple and corporate, whilst also exploring grid design! The grid aspect in this logo looks similar to small particles, and the grid design is replicated throughout the rest of the branding.

British Air Business Cards
British Air Business Cards
British Air Premium Oxygen
British Air Premium Oxygen - with mask
British Air Premium Oxygen - Citrus Flavour
British Air - Service with a Smile
British Air - Employee Shot

I took direct inspiration from existing service providers such as Blue Flame and British Gas for this project, and as such visualised what the various aspects of an oxygen provider brand may look like, such as business cards, employee uniforms and vehicles. 
Yet the main attraction had to be the product itself - How was I going to showcase it? Simply enough, I used Pringles cans to wrap the printed designs around, and along with an oxygen mask and tube inserted into the top, the product was ready to be photographed! 

British Air - Website Key

To expand on the brand story, I mocked up a website for British Air, still utilising the grid design throughout as to maintain consistency.
I also added different signography assets onto the page to represent different flavours and themes for the product. These were also present on the relevant printed designs for the final product.

British Air Advert
British Air Advert
British Air Pamphlets
British Air Pamphlets - Inside and Back
British Air - Symbol Key

To finish, I created some mockups that spotlight the usage of the British Air logo on various mediums which promote the brand values, mainly through the clean, natural imagery such as plants and clouds in the mockups shown above. 


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